HeartFelt Sessions


Are you experiencing any heartbreaks, pains or mental wounds? Caused by another individual, separation, loss of a love one or just life it self. HTRG is here to service and assist you in your healing journey with open arms, heart and mind. Heart Felt Sessions are for you release any hurt that you may be facing, and will receive channeled guidance from High Source (God/Spirit). The first step to self care and love is release to heal by going within. HTRG will get you there !

*** After purchase to confirm payment and schedule for session, you will receive a scheduled confirmation email within 4-6hrs after receiving payment.

Duration of sessions consist of a 3 week process with 2 sixty (60) minute scheduled appt. each week.

Thank you for your Love ! I look forward in hearing from you !

“Certified Ordained Spiritual Consultant”


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